Bradley S. Dede has practiced extensively in areas of criminal defense, both federal and state. His practice areas include DWI/DUI and drug offenses.

Bradley S. Dede LLC

crWhen it comes to needing a great lawyer who will fight for you it can be so difficult to know where to turn.  At Bradley S. Dede LCC we understand how important this decision is.  We don’t rely on hype or gimmicks to impress you as we feel that our name and history speak for themselves.  We have 30 years of experience fighting for people like you.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer who will put your needs first.  Too often when faced with legal charges people will plead guilty and live to regret not seeking good counsel.  With Bradley S. Dede we treat you as an individual and will help to fight your charges with a desire to get a favorable outcome no matter what your case involves.

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    Bradley S. Dede

    Bradley S. Dede LLC in Gray Summit, MO is headed by Mr. Bradley Dede who received his B.S. in English and Political Science in 1980, M.A. with honors in English in 1983