Here are four invoking stats about crimes in the US:

1. Violent Crimes Have Fallen Nearly Half Since 1993

Annual data gathered by the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) shows a general trend towards decreasing crime rates. Compared to 1993, violent crime rates were 51% lesser in 2018.

2. Despite This, Public Perceptions Tell a Different Story

Contrary to the data, most Americans now believe that violent crimes have actually gone up.

3. Most Crimes Remain Under the Radar

Most crimes do not get reported to the police. According to data from BJS, an estimated 57% of violent crimes and 67% of property theft went unreported in 2018.

4. Largest Incarcerated Population

The US holds the largest prison population in the world with 2.1 million inmates currently in prison. This is slightly more than China’s and India’s prison populations combined.