Bradley S. Dede

Bradley S. Dede LLC in Gray Summit, MO is headed by Mr. Bradley Dede who received his B.S. in English and Political Science in 1980, M.A. with honors in English in 1983 from the Southeast Missouri State University, and J.D., 1986, from St. Louis University.

Mr. Dede practiced extensively in areas of criminal defense, both federal and state. His practice areas include DWI/DUI and drug offenses. He served as an adjunct assistant professor at St. Louis University School of Law and the College of Arts and Sciences. He has lectured in the areas of DWI and Canine liability and is a search and rescue K-9 handler. He is a member of the lead panel of CJA attorneys in the Eastern District of Missouri and a member of the Seventh and Eighth Circuit Courts of Appeal, U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Central Districts of Illinois. He has practiced in numerous counties in Missouri. He has also authored the Chapter on Federal DWI in the Mo Bar CLE Series.

Bradley is also the CEO of the organization Babies Born Addicted- please check out the Facebook page for more info by clicking on the logo below!

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