Capitol Riot Video Evidence finds Rocklin Man guilty of stealing from Mitch McConnell’s office

by | Aug 23, 2021

At first, he steals, then he brags about it on social media platforms. Capitol Riot accused Tommy Allan Fredrick was surprised when he got arrested for stealing confidential documents from the federal property office.

The Capitol siege left several people devastated about the world’s first democratic country. The spectators were divided on their point of view on politics. But when it came to the law, people shared confidential tips in the form of video evidence with the FBI. One of these tips included video evidence showing Tommy Allan Fredrick, a resident of Rocklin, California, bragging about stealing documents lying on a desk in the senate chamber.

The US Capitol stands as one of the most heavily guarded government 540 roos buildings spanning over 175,170 square feet of area. The building is under surveillance for 24hrs. On the 6th of January, around 1 pm noon, many unknown individuals entered the building by overcoming the police barricades, pushing the USCP line of enforcement, and entering the Capitol building. What happened next has ingloriously been written down in history as one of the most undesiring demonstrations led by the public. Tommy Allan Fedrick was one of the many people on the loose on the 6th of January 2021.

Viliglantors submitted multiple tips against Tommy Allan to the FBI, but one in particular, he recorded himself on the online Platform Facebook while inside the Capitol Building. Once Allan returned to Rocklin, California, he deleted the images and videos he had posted on the social media platform. But security cameras inside the Senate’s office confirmed at various timestamps that the person in the video was Tommy Allan Fredrick. He used his right hand to gather the documents laid on the table and later stack them in his pants back pocket.

Tommy Allan faced charges for the below offences

  1. Theft of Government Property
  2. Unlawful Entering and Remaining inside a restricted building or ground
  3. Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or ground
  4. On Purpose Entering and remaining on the floor of congress
  5. Disorderly conduct in the Capitol Building
  6. Parading and demonstrating
  7. Picketing in a Capitol Building


The air travel tickets also proved that Tommy Allan did, in fact, take a flight from Sacramento to Washington on the 5th of January 2021 and returned a day after the riots.

An arrest warrant was issued based on a complaint registered at the US District Court for Columbia. Tommy Allan was charged with violating sections 18 USC 641– Damage of theft of A federal Property, 18USC 1752 (a) knowingly entering a restricted building or ground, 40 USC 5104 (e) (2) Violent entry or disorderly conduct.

Social Media platforms played a crucial part in showcasing the violators and serving as proof of the same crime. The storm of protesters at the Capitol made it almost an impossible task to recognise them individually. But vigilant tippers, relatives and acquaintances reported about protesters like Tommy Allan, who exposed their violent behaviour on social media.

There were 165 defendants charged on various counts of their disorderly behaviour, disruption, and even crimes like theft. Due to the unprecedented incident, 140 police officers were assaulted.

Even though Tommy Allan’s lawyer said she had no comments on the matter, he was charged with several misdemeanour charges and a couple of felony charges. One of the most absurd reasons Tommy provided for stealing the documents was that he was a “Taxpayer.”

On the other hand, ordinary taxpayers are concerned about the number of Federal cases against rioters in the court. The majority of the accused are clinging to Public Defenders that the government will provide. It will directly give rise to a significant expense on the government’s side. As of now, it looks like a loss. But the government is determined to punish the culprits and make a statement about the incident; it should not occur in the future.



In the legal business, the involvement of social media is growing and has both its pros and cons. Online platforms are widespread, and the need to be recognised for crimes makes people like Tommy Allan grave but foolish criminals.