Choosing a Domestic Violence Lawyer In Clayton, MO

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When a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney is Needed

Domestic violence is a serious crime, and if you are accused, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you by providing legal representation and professional advice on your specific situation. They will also be able to help with the court process and make sure that your rights are being protected throughout the process.

They might also be able to offer advice on how to deal with any emotional trauma caused by the accusation. Contact Bradley S. Dede LLC for a free consultation.

Missouri Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is a crime of power and control. It is an issue that affects people of all ages, races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds and mostly occurs within the context of an intimate relationship.

The Missouri domestic violence laws are designed to protect victims from abuse by providing them with legal remedies for physical injury and emotional distress. Sometimes, however, family law matters get out of control and someone is wrongfully accused of physical abuse. A skilled attorney can help with domestic violence cases.


What Is Meant by Domestic Violence?

Violence in an intimate relationship is a pattern of abuse by one partner against another. Domestic violence is more than a single incident of abuse; it is a pattern of abuse that continues over time. Abusers engage in different harmful behaviors to control the victims, including:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial attacks
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Child custody threats

Domestic violence charges are serious and carry life-long criminal and social implications. Contact an experienced domestic violence attorney to prepare a solid defense.

How a Great Domestic Violence Lawyer Handles a Case

Excellent domestic violence lawyers should have a thorough grasp of the dynamics between victim and perpetrator. In this way, they could identify patterns in the alleged abuse, which would help them better understand what they are dealing with.

Domestic violence charges can be very difficult to prove, especially if the victim has not reported any previous incidents or tried to leave their partner.

A skilled counselor from a reputable law firm would know how to gather evidence and work with professionals in order to build a case that might get the case thrown out of court.

Fighting a False Accusation with a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer’s Help

There are a few ways that a domestic violence defense lawyer can fight a false accusation. One way is to have the accuser’s mental health evaluated. This will help determine if they are capable of understanding what they are saying and whether or not their accusations are truthful.

A general trial practice lawyer with experience handling domestic violence cases might also have character witnesses testify about the accuser’s negative character traits and reputation.


Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Missouri?


In Missouri, domestic abuse is a felony if the victim is pregnant, has children under the age of 18 living in the home, or has a protection order against the abuser.

The penalties for felonies are up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

How Much Do Domestic Violence Lawyers Cost

Domestic Violence Lawyers can provide legal representation to those charged with domestic abuse or another adjacent offense like probation violation or violation of a protection order.

The cost of hiring a lawyer varies from state to state and varies depending on the experience level of the lawyer and the complexity of the case.

To avoid potentially harsh penalties and the social stigma of a domestic conviction, consult with a criminal lawyer when facing criminal charges.


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