The Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court

Franklin County Municipal Court is located in Franklin County, Missouri. Check out this article to see how they serve the needs of citizens and visitors.

What Is a Franklin Missouri Municipal Court?

Municipalities are cities with their own local governments. Hence, a municipal court is a court that deals with cases in that city or town. 

A city court or municipal court is a court of law with jurisdiction limited to that city or municipality. Ordinarily, it is concerned with crimes against the city. It may also have jurisdiction over certain civil matters and some minor criminal cases. 

In Missouri, the municipal court is a court of limited jurisdiction that hears minor criminal and traffic offenses. 

There are court sessions every first and third Thursday of the month (or other Thursdays as needed) at 4:30 PM. The sessions are conducted in the Edward A.Stierberger Memorial Courtroom on the third floor. 

Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court Records

Obtaining Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court records is as easy as going to the courthouse yourself or hiring Missouri criminal lawyers or a private investigator.

Copies of these records can also be requested from the clerk’s office by email or in person if you have an official order from the judge. 

If you want to obtain copies, make sure that you specify what documents you need to receive and how many copies there should be. They do not store any personal data so that you can conduct your search with complete peace of mind.

How to Use the Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court Case Search

The Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court Case Search provides an easy method to find all of the search results for the questions and information you’re looking for.

Here are some of the types of cases you can search for:


Missouri Case Records

Looking for Missouri court records? You can search for Circuit Court and some Municipal Court case records online. In some cases, you can even pay court fees online.

Administrative Hearing Commission Case Records and Documents

If you need to access Administrative Hearing Commission case records, you can search by matter ID, client sort, or description. You can also search documents by ID, event notes, and date range. Additionally, you can search notes by matter ID and date range. Finally, you can search completed dockets by name, matter ID, area of law, and date range.


Criminal History Search

Looking for someone’s criminal or arrest history in Missouri? You can search the Missouri State Highway Patrol database, but you’ll need to register and pay fees.

What Falls Under the Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court Docket

The types of cases handled by the court include:

  • Planning and zoning code violations
  • Traffic citations
  • Health and building code violations


Dealing With a Ticket in Franklin County Municipal Court in Missouri

In Franklin County, MO, tickets can be paid over the phone, online, via mail, or in person. the Franklin Municipal Court accepts various payment methods

You can use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and debit cards for online and phone payments. The court accepts credit and debit cards, money orders, and cash or checks at their office in the Franklin County Historical Courthouse.

Payments by mail can be posted to the following address:
Franklin County Municipal Court
15 South Church Street
Room 306
MO 63084

How to contact the Missouri Franklin County Municipal Court

If you live in Franklin County, MO, you may need to contact the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office. Here is how:

The Court is located at:
401 East Main St.
Rm. 100A
Union, MO 63084

You can call the different divisions of the court using the following numbers:





An Overview of Missouri Franklin County Courthouse

The Franklin County Municipal court is continuously trying to ease its court processes, record search, and payment systems. Some of the changes might be confusing and overwhelming. 

Contact a general trial practice lawyer to assist you with your legal needs if you need representation for any criminal or traffic offense. 

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