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What Is Probation?

Probation is a sanction ordered by a court where a person guilty of a crime can stay in their own community and serve their sentence under a probation officer’s supervision. 

After serving time in jail, people may get probation after completing all or part of their sentence, or they may serve probation alone without going to jail. Either way, following the rules of your probation is vital. If you violate them, you could put yourself in a compromising situation.

Probation Violations Attorneys

A guilty plea often leads to probation rather than months or years in prison. You must demonstrate your commitment to staying out of trouble during your probation.

Probation violation attorneys understand the laws around violating probation and will explain them to you, including your possible punishment. They also help clients prepare for probation violation hearings and represent them in court.

How Does One Violate Probation?

If you go against the terms of your probation as ordered by the judge, you are violating probation.

There are two categories of probation violation:

  1. You get arrested or convicted for a new criminal offense.
  2. You violate any condition of the initial probation. For instance, missing a meeting with your probation officer.

Consequences of Probation Violation

The outcome of probation violations is based on many factors, like the type of violation and how severe the underlying offense is. Upon violation, the judge may:

  • Reinstate your probation: The judge can reinstate probation without adjustments for misdemeanor violations. A judge can choose to modify your sentence, which may result in jail time, community service, counseling, and extended probation.
  • Revoke probation: The court may revoke probation and impose a prison sentence if you face serious violations.

Unfortunately, after probation violations, there is the possibility that you will not be able to expunge your record in the future. Probation lawyers are best equipped to explain the consequences of probation violations.

Benefits of Hiring a St. Louis Probation Violation Attorney

Lawyers can guide you on what to do next if you have violated your probation. They can advise you on how to reply to a revocation motion.

Missouri criminal lawyers can help you prepare your testimony before the judge to convey all the necessary information needed to prevent the damage of violation consequences.

When a qualified criminal defense attorney represents you in court, they will speak on your behalf and use their negotiation skills to present your case in your favor. Your lawyer knows how to use the evidence in your favor, so being honest is crucial.

Experienced St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Law is a complex area of the legal system that requires deep understanding to navigate. Establishing an excellent attorney-client relationship with a qualified criminal defense lawyer will help you understand your case and make decisions with ease and confidence. How do you find the right lawyer for you?

While taking referrals from friends and family and research from online sites are helpful. It is essential to schedule a free consultation to know more about the attorney you want to work with. Look for the following:


  • Networking: Working with an attorney within your location is advantageous. They have created a rapport with the prosecuting attorney, judges, and probation officers. They know their working methods and would coach you on how to handle yourself around them.
  • Legal experience: Experience is more than academic certificates and merits. It is about the interaction of criminal defense lawyers with different cases. Working with an attorney who has handled and won many probation violation cases gives you a better chance of winning since they know what to anticipate and prepare you for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Charge for a Probation Violation?

Attorneys have different charges for their services, depending on the amount of work and their qualifications. Talk to your attorney beforehand to know how much they will charge.

Can You Violate Probation and Not Get a Jail Sentence?

Yes, misdemeanor violations are not always punished by jail time. Depending on the intensity of the violation, you may avoid jail.

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